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I rubbed my eyes and stretched my arms as my wife pulled the sheets from me to ensure I didn’t go back to sleep. When you surf the net long enough you start to become neutered to the extremities of what there is on offer.“You must have been having a bloody good dream babe” she said. What makes you say that” I replied looking into her eyes, the eyes that a moment ago were filled with sordid lust in my dream. I had become one of those lost souls forever looking for a sexual nirvana, something that would keep my attention span for longer than a couple of tug sessions.The cum was frothing and bubbling at the corners of her mouth as large trails of semen made their way down her chin and drip onto her waiting breasts.I particularly liked the vision of her nipple being hit by one larger droplet of thick cock cream and dangle precariously as her heavy breasts swayed with the intensity of the face fuck.I was watching intently as my wife curled her delicate hands around the veiny mass of pulsating flesh, trying unsuccessfully to wrap her fingers over the bulging shaft of slippery cock meat.

She was having trouble holding it steady while intermittent streams of a near clear liquid were being forced out the twitching piss hole as the aroused owner of the obscenely sized cock started to quicken his panting.How many of us out there dream the same dream but then fold it nicely away in the back of our soul under a mental lock and key, never to see the light of day except when we are alone and in a situation that would never allow it to flourish?I had decided looking upon my wife that morning as she woke me from my latest intense dream that I could no longer live my life this way, that I had to allow my dreams to take flight and see where the penny dropped. Her long straight natural blonde hair flows around her facial features highlighting her angular eyebrows sitting above the deepest green eyes, like pools of jade shimmering in a dark ocean of emotion.The reality of the fantasy began to blur as I actually started to formulate plans on how to make it work.It wasn’t anymore just a thing to ponder in the dark caverns of my mind but something I was willing to breath life into, to try and actually make happen.This Animal sex story was exclusively written for the energy of the moment was receding and her jaw started to relax with the deflating of the spent dog cock, the guttural sounds of moments ago replaced by an audible pop as she reluctantly released the glistening penis from between her mouth, her lips giving it a final goodbye caress.