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She falls back down on Jess’s bead in shock and feeling hot all over. I mean, I’ve been with a few, but WOW”, Ashlee says. ” “Well, like I said, you’re very good-looking, Ash”, Joe tells her. You’re rock hard, I’m in this bikini, and you have tapes off my photoshoots”, Ashlee says, “you can just say what you want, Dad”. Then, he takes his hand and places it on top of hers, getting her to rub herself.

I mean, I am aroused, Dad, for you and your huge cock. So, he takes a pair of Jess’s things and wraps it around his cock, then he starts masturbating. “Masturbating in Jess’s thong and my tits in your face”, Ashlee says, “your dreams are coming true”.

“Oh, Daddy, yes”, Ashlee says, “how about you fuck Jess now with your big cock. “Mmmmmmmmmmm, yes”, Ashlee says, “do what you always wanted, Dad. And so, Ashlee & Joe walk off, holding each other’s hand, leaving Jessica naked & sunbathing. They get into Ashlee rooms, when they hear Jessica scream. ” And so, Joe & Ashlee look at each other with a smile on their faces, knowing that the intimate moments they shared today will no doubt strengthen their father-daughter relationship.

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It’s only Jess’s room”, Ashlee says, “my room’s worse.” So then, she opens the door and walks in just as Joe is attempting to straighten out his clothes. ”, Ashlee asks, “I mean, you’ve got your own room to get changed”. ” “No”, Joe replies, “and why would you think I’m lying, Ash? “Well, I usually don’t pay any attention to who the people are”, Joe says. “Well, I’m bored out there with them two”, Ashlee says, “all they wanna do is sunbathe and talk about makeup and handbags. “No, Ash, I don’t mind it at all”, Joe says, “Just as long as Jess and your mother don’t catch us doing this”. ”, she asks, “just looking at these girl’s tits, in Jess’s bikini top? “Well, there’s more videos here, Ash”, he says, “if you wanna see what’s on them…..” “Yeah, put something else on and then sit down and do what you usually do in your alone time, with me”, she says to him. So, he takes out that tape and puts in a different one. “Well, hon”, Joe tells her, “I’m not exactly sure what you’re feeling, but you might be getting aroused”.

“In a few seconds, Ash”, he replies, “I just gotta straighten some things in here.” “Oh, come on. “Yeah, that would be weird”, Joe says, also laughing. OK, I’m getting carried away here”, she says, laughing, “I’m hot, and looking at your big cock, I’m feeling funny”.

How about we get out and start playing with Jess”, Ashlee says. “We could lick, kiss, and feel Jess all over”, Ashlee says, “pushing further and further, but not as far as to waking her up” “Sure. Then, Joe gets out and walks over to Jessica and starts kissing her body. She leans over and sqashes her tits over Jessica’s softly.

Then, she gets off his cock and gets out of the pool. She gets up to Jessica and starts licking and sucking on Jessica’s feet.

Tina, Jess, & Ashlee are sunbathing while Joe is in the pool. She continues hugging him in her bikini from sunbathing.

“Alright, to tell you the truth, Ash”, Joe tells her, “I was in here watching some videos on her TV”. Well, that isn’t a big deal”, Ashlee says to Joe, “what was it? “It’s nothing that you need to be concerned about, Ash”, Joe tells her. ”, she says, “you’re looking at porn in here.” “I didn’t say that, Ash”, Joe says to her, “but sometimes, your dad needs some alone time”. “Dad, if you wanna wank, just say”, Ashlee tells him. This is Jess in the pool and there’s me with her there. ” “Wow, I didn’t happen to notice that”, Joe says with a but of feigned surprise.

“You like my tits and ass as much as I like your cock”, Ashlee says, “Oh, fuck yes.” Then, Joe starts to french-kiss Ashlee. They end up having a long, sexual french kiss, all the while, they’re still fucking. “Oh, Ash, you’re so fucking hot & beautiful”, Joe says, “and your pussy feels soo good on my cock.” “Oh, Daddy, your cock is huge in me”, Ashlee says, “Mmmmmm, we’re fucking in the pool next to Jess and mom”. Ashlee undoes Jessica’s bikini bottom, exposing her pussy.

Then, he starts groping and squeezing her tits, and ass. “Undo her bikini top and I’ll undo her bottoms, but be careful”, Ashlee whispers to her father. So, Joe carefully undoes Jessica’s bikini top, exposing Jessica’s breasts.

Then, Joe starts making his way to Jessica’s breasts.

Ashlee heads further up Jessica’s body, licking her legs all over.

“Daddy’s Little Girls” By The Rated-R Superstar Starring Jessica, Ashlee, Joe, & Tina Simpson Codes:inc, MF, cons, oral, anal, slut Disclaimer: The follow story is a work of fiction. Ashlee keeps one arm around and and turns to the TV.