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At first, the spectators at the rally do not know what to make of this, but they soon begin to roar with laughter. The costume, the character, the knowing relationship with the camera, the emotional contact with the audience were all already there, in prototype form.

Just six months later, Chaplin could write to his half-brother Sydney: “I am a big box-office attraction.

He had been “discovered” while appearing in an anthology show of the British music hall, on 42nd Street in New York.

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Two days earlier, on February 7 1914, Kid Auto Races in Venice, California was released, a largely improvised short of just 20 shots, 572 feet, which was filmed in 45 minutes flat against the backdrop of a real-life rally of boys hurtling down a slope in soapbox cars: Sennett liked sometimes to use ready-made parades and sporting events as cheap settings.

Chaplin plays a tramp who keeps ruining the set-ups of a long-suffering film director (played by the actual director, Henry Lehrman) by elbowing his way into shot and self-consciously playing up to the camera by doing little comedy routines.

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I began to know him, and by the time I walked on to the stage he was fully born…

Gags and comedy ideas went racing through my mind.” Allowing for poetic licence over the intervening years — the character in fact took quite a time to be “fully born” — this rings true.

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