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Nick and Matt got into a fight, Matt kicked Nick's butt, and Victor swore he would teach his son to box. Sharon told no one but a therapist, who tried to help her deal with it.

Nikki objected strongly to Sharon, believing her to be a gold-digger.

Upon seeing Matt, Amy remembered she had shot him after he raped her.

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Months later Sharon fell on the ice and went into early labor.

When it appeared that their premature baby Noah was going to die, Sharon's best friend Grace Turner and Grace's boyfriend Tony Viscardi tracked down Sharon's first child, Cassie, to help Sharon ease the pain of her loss.

The police arrested Nick, who thought Sharon did it.

When Matt came to, he said Nick was the one who had shot him.

Grace was helping out by spending the night in the nursery, but actually plotting to steal Nick.

Nick came home drunk and made love to a willing Grace, thinking she was his wife.

Nick didn't believe him, they got into a bad fist fight, and both were injured.

Sharon admitted to Nick that it was all true, and Nick understood eventually.

Nick was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Victor tracked down Amy who was suffering from a serious trauma.

He was convinced it was caused by something that happened the night Matt was shot.

Not long after they married Sharon "accidentally" got pregnant.