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This protocol is frequently used by servlets and network-oriented programs that need to transmit and receive XML documents, because it is the fastest and least memory-intensive mechanism that is currently available for dealing with XML documents, other than the Streaming API for XML (St AX).

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If the processing you are doing is state-independent (meaning that it does not depend on the elements that have come before), then SAX works fine.On the other hand, for state-dependent processing, where the program needs to do one thing with the data under element A but something different with the data under element B, then a pull parser such as the Streaming API for XML (St AX) would be a better choice.Your parser is basically complaining that it doesn't know how to validate your document because no grammer has been specified to validate the mark up.You already have an XML schema, so you probably want: wasn't set.Or, as other responses have suggested, you can just turn validation off.

attribute, first value is the namespace, second the url or path).However, even if you plan to build DOM applications exclusively, there are several important reasons for familiarizing yourself with the SAX model: It is helpful to understand the SAX event model when you want to convert existing data to XML.The key to the conversion process is to modify an existing application to deliver SAX events as it reads the data.Error: URI=null Line=3: Document is invalid: no grammar found.null [] null If your parsing an XML document with validation turned on, you need to specify either a DTD or an XML schema in a DOCTYPE at the start of your XML document.Pull parsers and the SAX API both act like a serial I/O stream.