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There are, however, many theories about the saga's authorship.

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Gunnar's wife instigates a feud that leads to the death of many characters over several decades including the killing by fire of the eponymous "Burnt Njáll".

The saga deals with this process of blood feuds in the Icelandic Commonwealth, showing how the requirements of honor could lead to minor slights spiralling into destructive and prolonged bloodshed.

Ármann Jakobsson has argued that it is "difficult to find a man whose manhood is not vulnerable" Omens, prophetic dreams and supernatural foresight figure prominently in Njáls saga.

The role of fate and, especially, of fatalism is, however, a matter of scholarly contention.

The saga shows how even worthy people can destroy themselves by disputes and demonstrates the tensions in the Icelandic Commonwealth which eventually led to its destruction.

Any insult to one's honor had to be revenged: sometimes this includes slights which seem trivial to modern readers.

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a lawyer and a sage, and Gunnar Hámundarson, a formidable warrior.

It is often considered the peak of the saga tradition.