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The Crucible is an unfolding nightmare of accusatory spite that is seen as an allegory of the anti-Communist witch trials in Hollywood in the 1950s.

Can it escape that allegory and find another, I ask him.

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I’d forgotten.’ I’m having a really amazing epiphany doing this, and I think I’ll be a different actor when I come out of it.” Buy tickets to The Crucible from Telegraph Box Office.The Crucible is at the Old Vic, London until 13 Sept.I think I read somewhere that someone said I was fiercely protective of my private life, and I thought well, there’s nothing fierce about protecting a private life. And in a way the shyness is me protecting other people from that.I think it’s worth protecting – for everybody, not just high-profile people.” Does he feel protective of his sexuality? I just feel that it’s not relevant to what I’m presenting in terms of my art form. if I’m very, very honest, I’m a big guy, I think I’m at times quite a frightening person.” In what way? I can feel that there’s an intimidation that can happen if I own my full height, and speak at my full volume.“You can’t play this story without addressing sexuality in this particular society in this time, the masculinity of the men, the femininity of the women, the vulnerability of prepubescent girls.

Yael is cooking something which at the moment feels like it’s - and should be - too hot to handle.” Armitage is a noticeably calm presence but he talks with passion.

AUTHOR' S NOTE: In the original post, there was a photo showing Richard Armitage in a kilt and upon reading comments on Buzz Feed and doing some research, it appears that the photo was indeed photoshopped.

Richard Armitage arrives in the tiny, cluttered stage manager’s office of The Old Vic straight from rehearsals for Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

“There’s a fascination from the actor’s point of view of, if I don’t experience that, have I fully understood the character?

You know to an extent Method acting feels occasionally lazy. That’s the difference, and that was the thing with the waterboarding.

“There’s a shattering of the character, and almost a reassembling of him towards the end.