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She is learning how to re-balance her life, and men need to be patient because, believe it not, the woman usually puts herself and her needs further down on the list than the needs of her partner.So if you're feeling neglected, think how she must feel.

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But a woman will keep on giving to her children, past the point of exhaustion.She may not have anything left, but somehow if her children need more or are sick, she digs deep down in her bottomless reserve and gives more.And don't expect to get sex the first week or so of giving her more outings by herself- be patient and show her this is genuinely time she deserves, no strings attached.Even if you're hoping for some sexual favors sometime down the road, you should still be sincere about helping her detach from the kids a little.Sex is a symptom, not the main issue- rarely do couples report all aspects of their marriage being great with the only exception being sex.

Women can be known to put sex on the back burner, but usually because we have all burners going at once, typically thinking about 20 things simultaneously and sex gets shuffled around in the mix.Aren't we all guilty of accusing our spouses for changing after we marry them?Sometimes it seems they change so much, we lose some of the initial attraction we felt for them.Women have a bottomless reserve of giving, and giving, for their children- it's an instinct.A man will say he is tired and simply be done with his day.Kids get sick, work priorities come up again, an argument with your spouse and before you know it, sex just jumped several items down on that list of priorities- maybe it leaped off the list altogether. Some people even think marriage itself is the culprit for the lack of sex.