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Since I started the "Biolytix in Liquidation" thread a couple of weeks age it has been suggested that another thread be started to separate issues related to liquidation, company structure and management etc from issues related to service, maintenance and problems with operation of the system.Accordingly, to make it worthwhile having this thread we should restrict posts in this threads to the latter.Let’s say you decided to convert your car to propane. You’ve skipped the bi-fuel step, since it’s impossible to optimize a given hardware set for two fuels, and decided that your “LPG is the fuel for me! In practice, however, they’ll cover 0, which isn’t enough (see disadvantages 1-3, again). Here’s the actual DOE wording on the AFV Conversion Tax Credit for your perusal …

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Perhaps installers and those who service the system could post their experiences of specific problems and solutions.

Does the published Service Manual provide sufficient information for plumbers without specialised training in servicing/repairing the system? Is there currently anywhere that equipment/parts can be sourced in the event of a serious failure?

On top of that, all those sensors, processors, etc. What that means to you, would-be-propane converter, is that getting it wrong is far, Far, FAR easier than getting it right.

When you get it right, the rewards can be huge, which is why companies like Switzer Performance and Syvecs spend tons of hours and dollars developing engine management solutions for flex-fuel cars – and why they charge upwards of ,000 for a bulletproof conversion – which brings me to the next problem.

(Reference Montana Code Annotated ) SO, if you absolutely, positively, must convert your car to propane, my advice is as follows: Spend big money. If you can’t afford a Morgan, stay the f*** away from e Bay.

Sources | Photos: Motorpasion, Green Car Reports, US Dept.

– all of which, if optimized, can tip the scales towards an alt-fuel’s favor …

but we’re not talking about building an engine that’s optimized for a given fuel. In truth, none of what you’re reading about here is a problem that’s specific to propane – even electric cars are having this problem.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about bi-fuel cars running on LPG and propane, most notably from Chrysler and Lancia in Europe, but in the US as well, with several companies offering propane conversion kits. Like any fuel, LPG/propane has some draw-backs that you’ll definitely want to be aware of before you “pull the trigger” and finally convert your car to propane.

Propane has a few advantages of gasoline, of course. Here’s a brief rundown: As many of you who’ve looked under a car’s hood lately can tell you, cars in 2013 are rolling computers.

There’s a solid reason for doing so: cars running on propane have less range, compared to the volume of the fuel stored, than cars running on conventional gasoline.