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When Leo's mother tried to kill her, Leo saved her life but was killed himself.Greenlee dove into work to deal with the trauma and started Fusion with Kendall Hart.Kendall came to the rescue, offering to act as a surrogate.

You can't scratch and dent the side of a car in one scene to then have it without scratches and dents in the next.You can't have bullet holes before guns are involved. Ethan, well your Ethan Hawk, you should have chosen a better roll. The way they try to make you hard made you look lame and quite pudgy. That storyline, which is played out, was exhausted 5 minutes into the flick. She soon went to work at Enchantment but was fired because she couldn't get along with Erica Kane. Greens developed deep feelings for Ryan, but didn't tell him. During this time, she tried to ruin his relationship with Gillian. When she realized she and Ryan would never be a couple, Greenlee turned to Leo du Pres for comfort. Their relationship was rocky and during one estrangement, Greenlee had an affair with Jake Martin.Monahan and Goldlin began dating in 2009, and they have one son, Kai Rei, who is 6 years old and more than ready to become a big brother!

Goldin’s AMC castmate Alicia Minshew (Kendall) clearly already knew the happy news before it was publicly announced, because she tweeted, “Yahoo! From story line to acting, this was all goofy and bad, to say the least.Worst of all and what always drives me nuts is the damage, oh wait, the non-damage to cars. But cars, much less the tires, can not last constantly skid, breaking, hitting things and going down stairs. The car maybe amour plated but it's still dents when you slam it into another object.She began seeing Juan Pablo Ruiz de Vasquez (Carlos' brother), who helped her deal with a takeover of Fusion by Michael Cambias.Juan Pablo began pushing her away to save her from a gang and Greens turned to Ryan again.This is a reference to Barney's theory that girls whose names end in "ly" are "always dirty", while girls whose names end in "i", instead of "y", are "like roller-coasters; you have to wait in a long line, but once you get up there, you've just got to hold on for dear life, and hope you don't drop your keys".