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The senators identified in the Auditor General's report had the option to submit to binding arbitration by former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Binnie.Fourteen of the 30 senators opted for arbitration, and the arbitrator's report was issued on March 21, 2016.The Auditor General recommended that the cases of nine senators, including incumbent senators Pierre-Hughes Boisvenue and Colin Kenny, be referred for RCMP investigation, while 21 other senators were flagged for filling inappropriate expense claims including Senate Speaker Leo Housakos, Senate Government Leader Claude Carignan and Opposition Leader James Cowan.

The victims are largely in their mid-40s to late 50s, with each gender as likely to fall prey to scams, said Sgt. Some have been cheated out of more than 0,000, he said."It's devastating, some of them have lost all their savings... "The victims are basically falling for that person, they have some type of affection going on, and the scammers take advantage of that," he said.The Canadian Senate expenses scandal is an ongoing political scandal concerning the expense claims of certain Canadian senators which began in late 2012.Senators Patrick Brazeau, Mike Duffy, Mac Harb, and Pamela Wallin claimed travel and living allowance expenses from the Senate for which they were not eligible.They recommend having the first date in a public place and arranging your own transportation so that the other person doesn't know where you live.

They also suggest telling a friend or family member the person's name and where you're meeting them as well as when you expect to be back.

It acknowledged Deloitte's finding that the criteria for determining a senator's primary residence was lacking.

It emerged that the Conservative-dominated Senate committee had drafted the May 9 report on Duffy's living expenses to reflect less poorly on Duffy, who was at that time a member of the Conservative caucus.

With the parliamentary session ending when the federal election was called, it is expected that Brazeau will begin receiving his salary again, so further amounts may be recovered through the 20% reduction.

On February 4, 2014 the RCMP announced that Brazeau was charged in relation to his living expenses with one count of fraud under s.

He met all four "indicators" of primary residency (driver's licence, provincial health card, provincial tax return and voting location).