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Now, as an average lay person reading that response, I can't help but wonder just what that means. But for me, there's just no darn good reason for that cam to be doing anything unless I want it to. I conjecture that what it might be doing is detecting movement, and then in response to that signal, sends a little "come and see" message to some unnamed peeping tom that happens to be on their "virtual driver." I don't know just how possible that is, but as I've come to learn, practically anything is possible when it comes to computers. (Lord, forgive me:)) Neophyte Yes, determining whether a file is malware or a legitimate process usually depends on the location (path) it is running from.

Once it is detected, YCMMirage will launch You Cam, and then You Cam will provide and share the webcam video to client APs. ;) But that's getting harder to do, with cameras everywhere ya go, including the bathroom! And I'd rather not uninstall the whole thing if I can avoid it. Therefore, you should check the process on your PC to see if it is a threat. It's kinda like talking on an old cordless phone, chances are someone is listening.If you still need more info, feel free to contact with us. Best Regards, Cyber Link Customer Service I should add, I have no way of knowing if this response really was by customer service, but every indication says it is. We recommend Security Task Manager for verifying your computer's security..." ..so I searched that folder and found no sign of it. that's always running on my task manager is "legit." I put that in quotes, because I still don't trust it. I'm aware of the fact that hackers can turn the cam on remotely. I know, because when I was a teenager I used to do it.Craig had clearly been spying on Marisel without her knowledge and uploading the pictures to a remote server.A quick trip to the authorities and Craig confessed to not only spying on Marisel, but also up to nine other women whose machines he had fixed.It is possible to hack or take control of your web cam without the hacker having personal contact with the system. They don’t have any intention of doing all these things except for fun. The girl wasn’t having any of it, though, and contacted the police.

Actually Hackers can even reach your place by that. Craig Matthew Feigin is a student at the University of Florida who was known for also fixing computers if they had a problem.Hello, I don't really have a tech problem, I just want to sound off. file which is always running, as I noticed on my task manager.I did a little research and am convinced that it might in effect be a virus. I suppose a more knowledgeable person could do it, but I'm taking my first computing baby-steps.In Marisel’s case, he had compiled over 20,000 pictures of her in different states of dress, as well as with her friends and boyfriend. We welcome and appreciate your comments, but at the same time, make sure you are adding something valuable to this article.If you have any serious queries, suggestions or anything related to this article, feel free to share them, we really appreciate that.Rootkits..evil...yet, so interesting I must get this knowledge.