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They are a proud lot, George Graham’s boys, but even so, the turnout for the premiere of 89, the film about their magnificent last-minute title win at Anfield, must have hurt just a little.

Only one member of the current squad, Jack Wilshere, bothered to make it.

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‘Jacques is a passionate man, and he is upset at losing,’ the club official insisted. He was an arrogant fool who didn’t have a clue about Nicholson and Tottenham, did not respect either, and was sacked within a fortnight anyway, unmourned.

Increasingly, in the Premier League era, we are losing our connection to history.

A number of Arsenal players had obvious commitments for their country.

Laurent Koscielny and Alexandre Lacazette were with France, Mesut Ozil with Germany, Granit Xhaka with Switzerland — but Arsenal do not have as many current internationals as one might think.

It says something that Wilshere, alone among the current squad, sought connection with Arsenal’s champions from 1988-89; that their story compelled him to make the short journey to Holloway Odeon in north London — with his wife — to share their night. Everyone laughing, smiling, sharing jokes, reminiscences, reliving memories of the greatest shoot-out in the history of English football.

Yet there is something else radiating out, something English football has lost: a sense of place, of what a club was, and what it should still be. The modern Arsenal could learn something from 89; if they would ever deign to give something so ancient their precious attention. Maybe he knew there would be a time, as there is with all strikers, when goals are harder to come by, and he would need to take the focus from Lukaku.

If Lukaku’s place does not survive Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return to full fitness, he cannot say he has not been backed.

Monday morning at The Gabba, before a room full of strangers, Test debutant Cameron Bancroft gave one of the finest, funniest press conferences any of us had ever seen — and he did it without any assistance. Bancroft may have known what was coming, as one half of the Jonny Bairstow head-butt story, but Cricket Australia splendidly took a back seat and let their man tell it his way.

On the final day of the 1995-96 season, after Newcastle had missed out on the title to Manchester United under Kevin Keegan, the players walked around St James’ Park to thank the fans.

Most were happy, smiling and waving, pleased with a good campaign even if the outcome was a little disappointing. Steve Watson, born in North Shields, an academy graduate, and at the time of his debut the youngest person ever to play for Newcastle, was the only one who really knew what had been lost, the only one who had lived all his life with the legends, the stories, the failures, the frustrations.

Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the Beast Master?