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You can seek therapy and self-help and religious answers to life’s difficulties or booze and drug yourself to temporarily medicate the pain.

Those who experience radical change in their lives more frequently and more completely are often simply those who are more passionate about it.

They don’t have that fire that wakes them up at night to work on some project, some area of growth.

As a matter of fact, our circumstances are largely the product of the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis.

Each decision accumulates, adding to each previous decision, to construct those very surroundings we operate within.

If you hate your job, all you need to do is trace history to the point you prepared or chose not to prepare for something else. You spent thousands of hours over years in search of better work or you spent more time watching TV over that same period.

You used every moment of spare time to educate yourself and learn new skills to make yourself more marketable or you chose to do something else instead. There are very few exceptions to the rule that we are the products of our decisions.They are the brick and mortar, the floorboards, walls and ceiling of life. Our life circumstances may frame our lives at the outset, but we construct the structure within that frame, and can even knock down some of the framework and go bigger, wider, add framing for a new wing, a second or third story.We are not limited by circumstance; we just have to start with its reality. Changing something that just doesn’t feel right in your life. Relationships are therefore sacred things, souls intertwined, spirit touching spirit. Our hearts beat louder when they are in sync with something we love to do.There is so much in life to stop us from traveling in a particular direction, from achieving our goals, from making something truly amazing out of our lives. So start to construct a more helpful vision or philosophy of life, what Covey would call a new paradigm. They are the broader contexts from which we live our lives and interpret the world. It has always therefore been a very sacred moment for me when I post an article or reply to a comment or respond to an email. That will take you much further down the road than the mere recognition that you change. And perhaps some of that is fine as we become instigators of change in the world.