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This study will survey about 600 coaches to determine what competencies they believe are efficacious in facilitating their clients to perform better on their jobs. ITECRI is a non-profit research institute (academic) whose vision is advancing research and practice of Information Technology Management in both the private and public sectors. I am taking a course at the University of Western Ontario and need to conduct an online survey as part of research.

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A graduate level course with the objective of teaching students how to build a questionnaire (how to ask the questions, what answers should be included, and what type of question to use [matrix vs multiple choice]). In the spring I will teach an upper-level undergraduate course in Testing and Assessment.

The students will do a semester project in which they create an assessment instrument. International Sales Management Research Project based on Atribution Theory. We are assessing undergraduate's self-perception of their capacity to do wrong or evil things.

During their stay abroad they filled out a monthly state-survey asking for their well-being (satisfaction with life, positive and negative affect), self-esteem (physical, social, achievement, and contextualized adjustment (e.g., peers, family, culture).

In addition, a control group (N=700) reported on the personality questionnaires at T1 and T2.

As the students arrived, researchers took their photos and independent raters decided how physically attractive each person was.

Before the speed-dating session, all participants completed a questionnaire designed to measure mindfulness.

Providing a confidential survey is of great importance.

I will be suveying women of all ages, ranks, and branches. We will be doing a study of coaching competencies with the International Coach Federation.

I forgot to mention that the department is only a graduate department. The results of the survey are going to inform the interview participant sample selection and construction of the interview protocol. This survey is for a group project for an Introduction to Research Methods class.

The purpose of the survey is to determine the correlations (if any) between a student's background and his or her chosen field of study at the School of Information. Survey of directors of psychology training clinics to understand and communicate trends in applied practicum training in clinical, counseling, and school psychology doctoral programs in the United States and Canada. I am conducting research on the prevalence of employee theft within retail stores.

Future research needs to examine what exactly mindful men are doing that makes them more appealing to women.