Property data updating description

This does not happen in 1.0—attribute to property mappings are set up on the element at registration time based on the rules described above.If a property is configured in the configuration object.If the property value is Boolean, the attribute is created as a standard HTML boolean attribute (set if true, not set if false).

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If you add or delete parameters in the report definition, or change the data type or name of an existing parameter, you may need to change the parameter properties in the published report.Parameter defaults do not get updated when re-deploying existing reports.See Configuring default property values for more cause the corresponding attribute to be set on the host node when the property value changes.I created a SSRS 2016 solution and deploy my reports.

Each report has a "DESCRIPTION" property, that gets visible in the report's properties in report manager.

This is the standard behavior for attributes in the web platform.

If this behavior doesn't fit your use case, you can use a string-valued or number-valued attribute instead.

Use this 56-slide presentation to build upon the concepts covered in Portfolio Manager 101.

Learn about EPA's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool and how to edit property data, correct or update property use details, use the Data Quality Checker, and share property data.

These either have to be updated manually or the reports deleted and re-deployed.