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Creating and using a chat channel Creating chat channels could not be easier, in fact you don't even create chat channels.

How can I check what my players are saying in other chat channels Simple!

To look at all the chat channels and its contents all you need to do is type '/cc snooper' which will enable snooper mode meaning you can check what other players are saying so you can keep a good sense of chat administration on your server.

anyone know if im doing something wrong with config, or know how to fix it?

it would be great, Thanks you should add it so there is a permission in which you can /cc list and it brings up a list of the chat channels as well as a /cc moveall and with poisons idea if there is an add to a private channel shouldn't there be a kick?

The top line is not case sensitive and is also not colour sensitive which makes it compatible with most plugins.

Finally, you can use '/cc move' and another players name as well as a chat channel to send that player to the chat channel if they do not understand how to use the plugin.My Live Chat is a leading live chat service that helps increase website conversion rates through click to chat, live custom support features.We make it simple for everyone to add live chat to website.This plugin is suspected to be conflicting with Essentials Chatmanager or other chat plugins, if you find out any conflicts please private message me Sorry I appear to be missing something here.I've downloaded the file but I cant see what I need to do now. I'm trying to get it working with this: When both players join a channel (/cc move test1) they can both hear each other but if one person moves out from that channel and into another channel (/cc move test2) the player that didnt move channels can still hear chat that is said by the player that is now in "test2" ....The great thing about this feature is you do not create a chat channel but instead you simply join it and start talking in a private area which people can only join if they know the name of the channel.