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It also works very well paired with Country Apple body lotion from Bath and Body Works, as the lotion compliments the fruitier notes in Cool Water. * These are my personal experiences/thoughts with this fragrance. * Initial - citrus calone Drydown - lotus jasmine lily of the valley musk Duration - 4-6 hours Projection - moderate Experiences - A very strange scent on my skin.

Cool and refreshing, but I can't help but think of scented tampons/feminine pads when I wear this.

In the version for men really appear the summer and sea feelings, but in the women verison not really.

I had a bottle of Cool Water that opened up inside one day, completely saturating the inside pocket. And I could very well understand the first ones, but Cool Water? To me, the synthetic, even more or less metallic note, in this one is more likely to give me a headache than any other (too) sweet perfume. Unfortunately it lasts about 30 seconds on my skin and then it's gone.

All I can do is use it like a body spray and then add a little of Coty's Adidas Moves for Women.

It's not unpleasant, but the mental scent association keeps me from wanting to wear it again.

Quick Thoughts - feminine hygiene products, clean, aquatic A watery woody floral musk, if that's possible. Cool Water starts out aquatic but quickly adds a little depth with some light spices and florals.

The top note is a real lemon parade with melon and quince (this one is so delicious), this the best part of the perfume. common flower scent with some water lily and lotus. Honestly, I haven't expected Cool Water to be so intense and long lasting, I sprayed it on my wrists and I could feel it next day on my sleeves. For some reason this perfume smelled better to me when it first came out. And sometimes it's just salty cucumber/melon/water flowers mix.

After the flowers gone, the fruits got attentions, especially the peach and the raspberry. But later it turns into something sweeter, like still spring water with fruity flavor. I believe this should be the calone that plays tricks on me.It's an expansive smell that performs beautifully in a heat wave. But I'm sorry, I've got nothing good to say about this perfume. That's how it smells on me - skin warmed by the sun with some salty drops of sea water after day in the sea. To me it smells like cucumber but in a bad way (must be the melon combined with something else) in a powdery musty way with a sharp edge. What it does smell like is a fruity,aromatic scent that to me kind of smells like rotten strawberries. Sidenote--- This smells very similar to CK One 2013 !!!I know this perfume is so 90's, but since it's not worn by many these days, I feel special when I have it on. In junior high I had a pretty badass Adidas backpack that I thought made me look like a cool raver. To me, it smells very, very generic, too sharp and industrial. I was around in the '90's, so I've smelled this perfume on many different persons as the aquatic-lovers were either wearing CK One, Tommy Girl, L'eau D'Issey or Cool Water. Performance on this is a redeeming factor so if this does smell better on your significant other you will at least be getting your money's worth as this projects moderately for the life of the fragrance which is 6-8 hours which isn't bad !!! I forgot like Cool Water Woman slightly better though I love light aquatics and the initial sprays of this are delicious.Online shops offers: Fragrance 8 items for 2.14 - 31.19 USDFragrance UK 8 items for 12.35 - 38.51 4 items for 12.95 - 27.50 uk 7 items for 12.99 - 40.65 GBPExpress Chemist 3 items for 14.29 - 24.45 GBPFragrance 8 items for 16.19 - 50.48 USDPerfume Click 11 items for 16.35 - 23.45 GBPLife and Looks 1 product for 20.00 GBPEscentual 3 items for 24.65 - 44.20 4 items for 25.46 - 52.00 GBPThe Fragrance Shop 1 product for 28.50 7 items for 29.00 - 52.00 GBPMankind 1 product for 29.00 GBPBeauty Expert 1 product for 29.00 1 product for 29.00 GBPThe Perfume Shop 1 product for 29.99 uk 2 items for 35.99 - 51.99 GBPLloydspharmacy 1 product for 36.99 GBPView products...Ten years after the successful launch of Cool Water for men, women’s version was finally released.Layered with lavender lotion was a particularly good combination as I recall. First spritz, smells a little masculine but then it turns into this fruity, sweet, comforting fresh smell.