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And the way I started working [email protected] in the first place was from them seeing my chia posts a couple years back.I love the people at this company and am stoked to have their support!

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Always more people than I can remember to thank for making our trips around this globe feel like home.

At #Bells Beach we got especially spoiled (clockwise from top left) by @hilbilbyculturedfood (fermented #Kim Chi and Sauerkraut, Mustards, Hot Sauce and #Fire Tonic) @thechiaco, #Kelly Cube (award-winning, grass-fed, organic meats), and Mel and her team at @organicavenue_au. #Health Geek #Food Porn #The Chia Co A photo posted by Kelly Slater (@kellyslater) on 2.

In his own words: “There is literally no reason for half of this world to be sick and/or obese and either waiting to die one day or expecting some medical miracle…Your health is the most important thing you own.

Think about that the next time you eat junk and complain about the price of good quality organic food”(IG post from 2014). You are what you eat, after all, and Kelly’s athletic success and vivacious demeanor can speak for themselves.

However, I’m not writing to praise Lord Slater or to remind everyone of how great he is, but rather, to give an insight into something I’ve noticed that could use some more attention: Kelly’s diet and what he’s trying to say about it.

Since Kelly’s a busy guy and I don’t have his phone number, I decided to pull all of his dieting tips from the most public medium possible– his Instagram page.If ever there were a man worthy of the title “Super-Human,” Kelly Slater would be the first one on my list.The guy’s an absolute freak in the best possible way; from winning 11 world titles to dating the likes of Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bündchen, and Pamela Anderson, there isn’t much that Kelly can’t do.While, yes, much of the world does not have access to or the financial means to obtain and maintain a diet of costly super-foods, Slater’s message remains unfailing: that we as humans should truly our own health above (virtually) all else.Even if you are completely repulsed by the idea of eating kelp, or elk antler extract, consider how a change in diet can have an immensely positive impact on life.I do this every morning if I haven’t used all my supplies up already.