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This was quite burdensome to him as he realized that his white classmates were far superior to him in their academic readiness.

He proved himself well, graduating first in his class in 1920, named a member of the Sigma Xi honorary society and a Phi Beta Kappa member.

He was also selected as the class valedictorian and though at the top of his class, he was discouraged from seeking admission into a graduate school because of the possibility that his presence might stir up racial sentiment on the part of future coworkers and employers. Brady was the first Black ever to receive a Doctorate in chemistry.

His father was denied the opportunity to pursue an education and was determined that his children would have that chance.

This emphasis would ultimately prove successful as two sons went on to become physicians and three daughters would receive Masters degrees.

A cocky, arrogant and immature but talented NYPD detective stationed in Brooklyn's 99th Precinct.

Although extremely capable, he refuses to take his job seriously.

Percy Julian should be a name known to all of society for the contributions he made to the field of science.

His research and development of synthetic compounds made him one of the most significant contributors to science and health care in the 20th century.

His disdain for the rules and authority figures and his drive to single-handedly prove his superiority to everyone around him brings him into immediate conflict with his new commanding officer.

The new commanding officer of the 99th Precinct, which is his first command.

At some point he made friends with some members of the Sigma Chi fraternity and was permitted to sleep in the basement of the fraternity house in return for waiting on them and keeping the boiler going.