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Before applying the schema update follow the steps provided by Michael B Smith to retrieve the existing Exchange schema version, so that you can compare it before and after the AD preparation steps have been completed to verify that the schema update was applied.When the Active Directory changes have been applied, on each server run the upgrade.Since Organization Name wasn’t specified, Active Directory preparation will be skipped.

When that isn’t possible or to save bandwidth, you can put them in the location defined by Install Path and the script will detect and use them.

The post-configuration is currently adding IFilters for One Note and Publisher (Mailbox) only.

When done, the system will perform post configuration and finalization steps.

When running in Auto Pilot mode, the system will automatically perform reboots and logons between the steps.

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Install-Exchange15.ps1, a Power Shell script to perform a fully automated unattended setup of Exchange Server 2013 or Exchange Server 2016.

The script takes care of: This script version requires a domain-joined Windows Server, an account to perform the installation (and optionally prepare Active Directory) and the location where the Exchange Server 2013/2016 installation files are stored (e.g. The syntax is as follows: Install-Exchange15.ps1 -[Install CAS|Install Mailbox|Install Multi Role|Recover|No Setup] -Source Path [-Organization ] [-MDBName ] [-MDBDBPath ] [-MDBLog Path ] [-Install Path ] [-Target Path ] [-Auto Pilot] [-Credentials ] [-Include Fixes] [-Install Filter Pack] [-SCP] [-Use WMF3] [-Disable SSL3] [-Lock] Note that the script uses an XML file to store the (original) parameters used to start the script but also to keep track of the the process.In either case, Enterprise Admins and Schema Admins rights will be required.And if you're running the update from an Exchange server, the RSAT-ADDS feature must be installed.This is expected, and supported, but you should plan to continue upgrading servers so that they are all updated within a reasonable period of time.You can balance that recommendation with the need for caution, e.g.It will read the last known state from the XML file and will continue with the next phase, which is downloading (when not present) and installing the Exchange prerequisites.