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A less atrocious kind of pride is that which imples one to make much of oneself unduly and without sufficient warrant, without however any disposition to cast off the dominion of the Creator. Gregory, either because a man regards himself as the source of such advantages as he may discern in himself, or because, whilst admitted that God has bestowed them, he reputes this to have been in response to his own merits, or because he attributes to himself gifts which he has not; or, finally, because even when these are real he unreasonably looks to be put ahead of others.

Supposing the conviction indicated in the first two instances to be seriously entertained, the sin would be a grievous one and would have the added guilt of heresy.

- Hampton Inn West at Grand Prairie - 7806 Illinois 91 - Off I-74, take Exit 87B (Chillicothe / Rt.

This four-hour program presented in an interactive format will give you the opportunity to improve your traffic skills, decrease the possibility of future traffic violations as well as reduce the possibility of serious collisions.

The Lord took away the sin of David, but the life of the child was forfeited because David had made God's enemies blaspheme His Holy Name ( 2 Samuel -14 ).

God forgave the incredulity of Moses and Aaron, but in punishment kept them from the "land of promise" ( Numbers ).

If you are under 18, you must appear in court with a parent or guardian on the scheduled court date.

You are not allowed to register for the Traffic Safety class unless ordered by the court.

In the event of a cancellation, you will be notified and class fees will be refunded.

Pride is the excessive love of one's own excellence. Gregory , considers it the queen of all vices, and puts vainglory in its place as one of the deadly sins.

This National Safety Council DDC-4 class is offered onsite at the Professional Development Institute in Hickory Hall on the Illinois Central College Peoria Campus several times a month for a .00 fee.

The Peoria County Traffic Safety Program serves as an alternative for individuals who are first time offenders and/or who have been charged with minor traffic violations.

It is a species of contempt of God and of those who bear his commission.