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" she asks aloud, mostly to herself, but possibly to the room. is essentially a field guide to the hookups, breakups, backstabbing and other miscellaneous debauchery of a handful of servers at SUR, the Sexy Unique Restaurant — honest to god, that's what SUR stands for — owned by star Lisa Vanderpump that serves as a backdrop for the Bravo spin-off.A boozy happy hour has just been interrupted by shit-talking. No cameramen slowly zooming in to film her reaction or sound guy holding the boom mic closer in case she lets rip one of her iconic, expletive-filled one-liners. Five seasons in, it's no spoiler to say that whatever rules Lisa makes, they will be broken.If I want to drink literally from morning to night, I can do that. "Hashtag motherf**king blessed."She has at various times been a television personality, fashion blogger and model, but for all intents and purposes, Stassi's full-time job is being Stassi.

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She's pretty without the pretty filter, her features more delicate in real life, though her plumped lips are exactly as pouty as they appear on Snapchat.

Most days she says she goes to lunch or a happy hour with friends and she still frequents the same bars she has since moving to Los Angeles from New Orleans."None of us actually feel famous," she insists, perched on a coffee table in her living room, her beige, Stuart Weitzman thigh-high boots crossed.

However, as some already know, their romance came to an unfortunate end a few months ago after he failed to acknowledge what would have been their four-year anniversary.

Jax Taylor was accused of cheating on his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, with former SUR employee, Faith Stowers.

"I really think all my friends would say that, too.""Honestly, I think that people living in L.

A., all of our lives are different from most 20-somethings," she says.She's scanning an interview Lisa Vanderpump recently gave in which the reality show's grand dame described her cast members in one word.Stassi's bright-red nails move across the i Phone screen as she zooms in."I got 'spoiled'? Whatever." Here's the thing: Stassi isn't a bitch, she just plays one on TV.Adding fuel to the fire, Stowers fears that she could also possibly be pregnant with Jax’s child. “I was not surprised because nothing Jax does surprises me, but it was more devastating than anything else because I think Brittany is such a wonderful person.I feel like, I can handle that stuff, there are a lot of girls where we can handle it, but she's such a kind, innocent woman that it made us all really sad and angry,” she lamented.“Well, it's difficult because then it puts everyone against each other, because of course, the boys always have Jax's back, the girls have Brittany's back, but then Katie [Maloney] is married to [Tom] Schwartz and then Ariana [Madix] is dating Tom Sandoval…It took me three years to laugh at it," Stassi says on the podcast."I hate having secrets," she tells me. I can't think of one thing that I don't talk about. I tell people this all the time: If you live like an open book, it feels so good because you're totally embracing who you are and you know that nobody could ever have anything on you. She's not shy about reminding her dad of that fact, either:"He's like, 'Stassi, c'mon, you have pull! She is willing to compromise.)"I lied about who I was. And it's like, you're just performing right now."Going into the fifth seasons of , she insists that she never feels like she's playing the role of "Stassi" or feels pressure to deliver what people want to see from her.