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It gave me great independence, but it also allowed me to really experience a lot of the world in a much less sheltered way than I would if I was living anywhere else.

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They were wed in 2004, and divorced three years later.The cover of Lakshmi’s new memoir Love, Loss, and What We Ate.After Rushdie left his wife, their next few years were idyllic.The couple lived half the year in London to be close to his two sons.Ready for the official start of summer and The Lightest Day most hours of sunlight tomorrow!!!

😏😏@coronalightusa #thelightestday #summersolstice #ad #for21 A quick yoga session to connect to myself and this beautiful place (yoga is my ultimate travel trick to stay in shape, it requires no equipment or extra clothing and if you are really missing your yoga mat, you can always grab a towel and wet it in the place where your hands and feet would go 👌🏻) As a host and judge on "Top Chef," Lakshmi naturally eats a ton of food while filming for the show, and in the caption of her Instagram post, she says she's filled out a bit since the beginning of the season."Week 5 of filming and hips getting rounder, thighs getting thicker," she captioned the picture.

"#topchefmemories#eatingmywaythroughcolorado"Not only does Lakshmi looks absolutely incredible, but she also is braving the elements by stepping outside in a bikini in Colorado.

Despite it being June, you can still see snow covering the mountains behind her, and there's nobody else sitting around enjoying the pool. See more photos of Padma: LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 16: Padma Lakshmi attends the Entertainment Weekly's 2016 Pre-Emmy Party held at Nightingale Plaza on September 16, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

(Twitter)She has recounted the details of her marriage with the novelist, who she said once denounced her as a ‘bad investment’ after she rejected his sexual advances.

The ever-demanding Rushdie needed constant care and feeding — not to mention frequent sex, according to the book.

SEE ALSO: Kylie Jenner kisses her best friend while wearing revealing ensemble In the picture, Lakshmi dons a teeny royal blue bikini poolside at the Telluride Ski Resort in Colorado.