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"But it's perfectly possible to get more than 500 calories in a Starbucks drink."Many people assume that drinks are not calorific, but some contain huge amounts of calories and fat," says Bridget Aisbitt, a nutrition scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation.But, the addition of syrups, such as banana and chocolate, turn them into a dieter's disaster. How to make it healthier: Skip the whipped cream to save 94 calories (131 in a large frappuccino).

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How to make it healthier: Order a small skinny (skimmed milk), no-whip (without cream) dark mocha and your calorie count drops to 175.CHAI TEA LATTEWhat is it: A spiced tea mixed with whole milk and honey. Fat: Small, 5.3g (3.3g saturated); large, 9.2g (5.7 saturated).A recent report in The Journal Of The American Dietetic Association revealed that non-alcoholic beverages account for almost one quarter of Americans' calorie intake and half of all their added sugar. The American nutritional advocacy group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, now says anyone who feels virtuous for grabbing a Starbucks latte, rather than something from Mc Donald's, is misguided."Most people wouldn't consider packing in a quarter-pounder between breakfast and lunch," says the centre's nutritionist, Jayne Hurley.How to make it healthier: Choose a milk-free iced tea (black or green) for just 80 calories and no saturated fat. It is fat-free and rich in disease-fighting antioxidants.

Five ways to cut down the calories It's not all bad news - coffee has been shown to have several health benefits.But avoid caramel and other flavoured macchiatos - a large one has 390 calories and 17.4g of fat.HOT CHOCOLATEWhat is it: Chocolate drunk with whole milk, often topped with whipped cream. Fat: Small, 18.7g (10.7g saturated); large, 27g (15.2g).Verdict: A large cup has the calories and fat content of three hot dogs, according to the Centre for Science in the Public Interest.Worse is a large, white, hot chocolate containing a whopping 719 calories and 33.4g of fat.A few studies suggest that a high intake of caffeine promotes the leeching of calcium from bones, but the National Osteoporosis Foundation says adding milk will offset any such risk. Consuming more than 5-6 cups a day is not recommended by doctors or nutritionists, but a strong black coffee 1-2 hours prior to exercise has been shown to be beneficial.