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We are working diligently with first responders as well as other resources to move them to safety," the company wrote in an announcement about its store closing.

Whataburger draws a similar loyalty to other regional burger chains like In-N-Out, and is regarded as part of the local culture.

Though women have increasingly spoken out about the attacks they receive in digital spaces, the damage caused can be still greater if they’re marginalized in other ways.

It's now one of the biggest privately held companies in the U.S., with members of its founding family still running the business.Our GF N FWRY & GF Grand PKWY stores are open for those in need.If you can safely join us, we invite you for shelter and food. pic.twitter.com/IHHgj Kmj MY — Mattress Mack (@Mattress Mack) August 28, 2017 Gallery Furniture is one of many local businesses chipping in to help people in their time of need.Texas, and in particular Houston, are home to plenty of regional businesses. Mc Ingvale's stores are particularly well suited to the situation.

They're massive warehouses filled with beds and furniture, the kind that can only exist in a place like Houston, where space is plentiful to the point of excess.Once trolls start taking their harassment to review sites like Goodreads, an author’s career is still more directly threatened.ake a walk down Khao San Road in Bangkok and you’ll see people lining the streets asking for money.The company has sent its mobile kitchens to Houston to provide meals for people, as well as other services, including pharmacies and ATMs.One HEB mobile kitchen can make up to 6200 meals per hour, the plan is each of the two units will serve 2000 meals at a time #KSATnews pic.twitter.com/Gj2v Z6r Dct — Joshua Skurnik (@joshrskurnik) August 27, 2017 Other local business have provided temporary shelter, though plenty more have been forced to close due to the ongoing flooding.Indeed, one of the company's restaurants—to be more precise its sign—became a rallying cry on social media.