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2017 was the year the Department of Education yanked a crucial childcare subsidy for student parents from its budget. 2017 was the year we won Emmys for writing our Black, queer selves and for going balls-to-the-wall playing someone else. Despite the odds, women have earned some pretty big—and small—victories this year, and they’re worth celebrating as we plan for a future that feels both uncertain and invigorating when you consider how smart, strong, and mobilized half the population is right this second.

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The movement made history on several levels, though it did have its critics: the now-iconic pink “Pussy Hat” was seen by some as transphobic, while some felt the event itself was an overwhelming display of white privilege.Still, its influence has been pervasive, spawning similar movements like A Day Without a Woman, and the organizers remain stalwarts for fighting for the rights of all females.Mueller was fired from his job, and two years later he sued Swift for million, citing her groping allegations. She didn’t care about the money; she wanted to shine a light on sexual violence—and she did.Swift gave a brave, unwavering testimony against Mueller.Mc Gowan was once dismissed as a bitter actress with an axe to grind. That’s all Taylor Swift asked for in her countersuit against radio DJ David Mueller, who a jury determined assaulted and battered her in 2013.

While posing for photos with the star at a meet-and-greet, Swift says Muller reached under her skirt and grabbed her bare butt.

As white supremacists stormed the city of Charlottesville over the summer to protest the dismantling of a Confederate monument, one woman lost her life standing up for civil rights when a car plowed into a crowd of counter-protesters.

Though the death of 32-year-old activist Heather Heyer shocked the country, Heyer’s dedication to fighting discrimination and bigotry soon became a call to action for millions striving for justice, compassion, and equality during a time when these values seem increasingly under attack.

As the series reckoned with the backlash of this criticism, the women of the Seven Kingdoms have evolved and given us some of the most empowering women on television, from the Stark sisters (who have grown to reclaim their own narratives) to the multi-titled Khaleesi herself.

They’re far from perfect—and the way Westeros women are treated is still worth scrutinizing—but these characters push forth rarified themes of women forging their own paths and facing adversity.

It goes without saying that President Trump’s first day in office wasn't exactly cake.