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I would have purchased my dinner separately and would have had better beans and potatoes.

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While I’m at the pump trying to get self service to work on my behalf i see that she has helped atleast two other customers. If this is the quality of service your cooperation exhibits, I can no longer spend my hard earned money in your stores or at gas stations. I am emailing about an offer, online, from 9 Discounts Seniors Get Only If They Know, and it shows that Kroger offers 10% discounts on the first Wednesday of every month, but you must call your preferred Kroger to see if and when that discount is offered. My best guess is that Kroger is having financial problems and can no longer afford to stock all its stores. Last night I was only able to buy 2/3 of the items on my shopping list. Your policy is for a customer to wait in line at the Courtesy Booth for a rain check. Your manager gets on his hands and knees restocking shelves because you wont hire enough staff.

Self service would not work for me so i walk back up to the window to ask for assistance and i see the employee walk out of the booth towards what i can only assume is her car. This customer has too much pride to be forced into another line. 100 miles around me in every direction got 25-50″ of rain. Kroger just has an inventory delivery system that does not work in good weather and totally collapses in bad weather. If Cincinnati can’t figure it out hire some Texans and we get it done. I feel sorry for him because none of the store departments can get what they order and he gets the blame.

Grimes Chili beans in chili gravy, Shullsburg–or any kind–of cheese with bacon, Hormel pork patties in tin can. Where I moved from they were accommodating, unlike Kroger.

Incidentally, your rest rooms at ANY of your stores are filthy!! Why are Kroger brand diet shakes in cereal aisle and your Slim Fast Low Carb shakes either not available or so overpriced I get them at Sam’s, though I do not like trading there.

Since I like Kroger I am informing you that’s alll Reply Do you Kroger folks even give a damn about customer service. Do you not even contact the customers to try to correct problems?

I personally am just about ready to look up an HEB to shop at.Reply I’m writting because of a negitive situation that i as a paying customer indoured via the gas station.I get up at 7am to go get gas from the krogers on washington road in augusta georgia.You mail me monthly coupons but many of those items were not in stock. You have been making a big deal about customers being patient while you restock from Harvey. If I have to drive 8-10 miles for another store it will NOT be a Kroger. I am 70 years old and have been shopping with you for over 40 years. Robert H Simonsen Houston, TX 77087-5203 832-417-XXXX Reply in writing so I have proof, not just more broken verbal promises.Reply I applied online being a previous employee when I was 17 years old.Kroger was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1883 by Bernard Kroger who invested his life savings to open a grocery store in the Mount Airy neighborhood of Cincinnati.