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After I received a call today from the tracking company that she was out late either she can go back to prison or receive a hard thrashing. Teenagers sometimes benefit from a dose of good old fashion discipline and Carol and her friend Cindy were no exception to this.

Both girls found themselves stripped naked & then bent over the knee for a severe hand spanking in an effort to sort out the girls attitude!

Neither girl knew exactly what to expect but soon started to understand that being bared spanked & strapped was not as easy as it looked!

Elizabeth was looking for her book but found a jacket with a wallet in it instead.

She decided to take it not know that she would soon be caught and severly punished for her actions.

Isis desperate for money decided to take her punishment.

A Very hard bare bottom spanking followed by a severe dose of the strap!

Charlie saw Miss Smith and the new nurse Sasha getting drunk together.

He is furious at them for breaking the rules and decides that a punishment is just what they need.While laying in bed Helena starts to pleasure herself. She promised she would not do it anymore since self abuse is a sin.Hopefully a thrashing with my hand and strap will help her keep her hands off of her privates.Justine has an evaluation 6 months after she was released from prison for shoplifting.As part of her probation she has to wear a tracking device and not leave the house from 6pm to 6am.This domestic OTK Discipline video is out now for download from our members only area.