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Like we were accused of doing something that he may have done himself, while being drunk as a skunk.

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She was even given the same shift as I had and the same days off each week too.

We never was asked where we had been to be out so late each night we worked or even on the nights, we went out on nights we didn't work.

On school nights that she had homework, she could do her homework at those tables, which he said as long as she didn't interfere with my work it was okay, after I told them a little bit of what was happening at home, that way she wouldn't have to be home alone with our drunken dad and mom.

When Marry got old enough to work part time too, which was just over one year after I got hired, the grocery store owner/manager hired her as a bagger at the checkout counters, to help customers carry their groceries out to their cars.

My sister Marry and I grew very close through the years that we were growing up, due to a drunken dad that was all ways hitting our mom for no reason at all.

Marry and I all ways got abused verbally over nothing most of the time.As soon as I was hired at the grocery store, I decided that I wouldn't say a word about the job to our parents, which we would avoid them as much as we could anyway.With us not going home due to working turned out to be the best thing for mom, because then he didn't seem to hit her so much, at least she wasn't bruised as much.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.It got to where mom wanted us to be gone when dad got home from work, or from where ever he and his friends would end up at to drink till they were drunker than skunks.