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Maquita is now aged 32 years old but she is still living a single life.

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I was still living up in Bury St Edmunds with my mother, and my brother Sean came up and he showed me this record of Don Cherry. Everyone was like, "Yeah, right," but about six months later we were on the road together in Rip, Rig and Panic. We talk in code sometimes, we finish each other's sentences. " And I'd say, "New Zealand, yeah." We were just giggling on the radio for half an hour. We've reacted to life in very similar ways, I think.

He was going, "I know his daughter, she's so lovely! The first interview I ever did on the radio was with Neneh. We both eat up life, every moment of it, and it's a really wonderful thing to find someone who can eat up life at the same pace as you. Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to run around for seven hours going, "Yaaah!

" And then he went back down to London and had this really horrible car crash which meant he had to have a pin put in his leg. " Everyone would tell me I was making too much noise and to shut up. " And she ran around with me with the same energy, the same gusto.

Neneh used to visit him every single day in hospital, take him food and read to him out of this amazing African history book called My People, which Don used to have. That's a wonderful validation and affirmation of the way you instinctively feel. When she stands up onstage and sings, it's a moment of real beauty, her own special, individual beauty.

In about 1981, he drove into a lamppost in Cambridge Circus, and I used to go and read to him in Middlesex Hospital. She'll just drop everything, and I try to do the same. Sometimes, when I don't know what I'm feeling or thinking, I phone her or I see her, and she'll help me find out what it is that's lurking inside me. When I became successful, it was never in any way strange for us. I mean, it's always been her time but now she can finally start getting some credit and making money from it, which is what she deserves.

We speak to each other about twice a day on the phone. But Andrea experienced people around her being really snidey and weird, like, "What's it like being left behind? We quite often say to each other, we're becoming like one of those Alice Walker books, our story is getting deep and expansive.Her nationality is British and she has mixed ethnicity. Maquita made her TV debut by appearing in the Channel 4 music show Popworld, She appeared in this show as its presenter and she presented this show with Simon Amstell.The pair became popular all over the United Kingdom for being the presenter of this show.She went on to make a BBC Three documentary about debt called Young, British and Broke in 2013. Miquita recently finished making a documentary for BBC Three on graffiti and street art, which is available to view now online.And in case you’re wondering, Miquita and Simon are still very close.So it’s quite fitting that Miquita went into the world of music telly.