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Read more about the characters' names in the Reader's Guide notes page for strip [27]. The i gives a long e sound, think the "pi" in Pikachu. I'm pretty sure the syllable breaks are Pi-ro-go-eth.

Hear "Piro" pronounced in these clips from Kanon: one two three #B3: Who are all those different versions of Piro as a girl? Piroko is Piro's game avatar when playing Quake and other shoot-em-ups. There are others, but they tend to be one-offs in Fred Art and DPDs that probably won't reappear. Read the comic and make up your own mind, or just wait and see.

The Reader's Guide notes for the individual strips give translations when needed. The Reader's Guide notes for the individual strips give translations when needed.

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#A1: What does that Japanese word or sentence mean? L33t is the practice of replacing letters with numbers and other typographic characters, plus a handful of other slang-spelling type things.

You can find a lot of what you'll see in Mega Tokyo in the MTFN's lexicon page. It predates Mega Tokyo, and the exact origin is not known.

It eventually tied in with the comic in strip [259], when it was revealed that Miho had been having a flashback dream about the Endgames sequence.

The DPDs originally referred to it as Mega Winter Nights, a parody of Bioware's game Never Winter Nights, but that name is no longer used.

Despite this, Fred may yet produce some sort of character page for the MT front page redesign that's been in the works for ages. #C9: Where can I find info on Fred for this school report I'm writing?

Still, such things already exist on this and other sites. SGD = Shirt Guy Dom, stick figure strips done by Dom to make you appreaciate Fred's art more. Between the rant columns, the Fred Art blog, and the interviews he's done (see the links here) there's probably enough material out there already to put a decent report together. Here's what he once said on the subject: I get requests for stuff like this all the time from people writing reports, doing papers, etc.Chapter 7 is the following Sunday, their 58th day in Tokyo.As revealed by the "9" on the spine of the manga book in strip [648], it's September.That happened during an interview a very long time ago.The storyline in its current form almost certainly wasn't planned out at that point, so it's probably best not to take it seriously. The general text is "Comic Book," which Fred got from the now defunct Precision Type website. Fred's said various things about that, but this post sums it up fairly well: Wanna know why i dont like making character sheets and story guides?It is further believed that Piro would be able to see that stuff too, but his attention is always elsewhere when it's going on. I know most of you are thinking of Chi, but Chobits had just come out when Ping was created and Fred knew nothing of the series until later on. The real person Tsubasa was based on asked to not be a character anymore, so he was written out of the story at the end of Chapter 0 and didn't come back until his brief appearance in Chapter 7.