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Medicare, which is administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is the federal health insurance program for people age 65 or older or if under age 65 after 24 continuous months of disability benefits. Medicaid is a joint federal-state health insurance program, administered by the state.Medicare has three parts: For more information about Medicare coverage, call the toll free Medicare Hotline at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4277) to speak to a Medicare Customer Representative. States have some discretion in determining which groups of people Medicaid will cover and the financial criteria for Medicaid eligibility.This booklet includes material that will supplement information covered today.

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These publications and forms can be downloaded, or you may request printed versions from your local Social Security office or from the website. The largest is the Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance (RSDI) program, commonly referred to as the Social Security program.

This program provides income for qualified workers who retire or become disabled and to their dependents or survivors. The second is the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, which provides income for aged, blind and disabled persons and is a needs based program.

We may ask for new medical evidence and also ask the beneficiary to undergo special examinations or tests.

Failure to report these changes promptly to the Social Security Administration and to return any benefit check that the beneficiary may no longer be entitled to may result in an overpayment that must be repaid.

We have received considerable interest due to public outcry regarding embezzlement of beneficiaries’ funds by representative payees, some of them highly visible organizations.

In order to protect our beneficiaries we are strengthening our policies and procedures, and we are increasing training, education and awareness for payees and potential payees.Years ago, these vulnerable beneficiaries were helped mainly by family members or close friends.Now, there is a need for more organizational payees to assist these beneficiaries.You can make your reports by telephone, mail or in person, whichever you prefer.You can reach SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or call your local Social Security Office.SSA will advise you if additional evidence is needed and how the benefits may be affected.