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About seven years ago I moved from the US to Poland. I moved from Boston’s Beacon Hill to Kraków, Poland. I love America but that does not mean I have to limit my life experiences. About five years ago people use to say Polish people complain a lot. Poles are pretty optimistic and every year the economy is getting better and better. Life is real in Poland, not some something that comes in a package and is heated in a microwave.

Since pictures speak louder than words, I took these photos today just walking around my house. People enjoy their lives with 8 weeks of family vacations a year.

They are nothing special but gives you a real idea what life is like in Poland and why I would want to move from the US. I have always had an interest in Poland and Polish history from afar. Basically you have a USA lifestyle that is more interesting, mentally stimulating, 1/2 to 1/3 the price more peaceful, no guns and few violent crimes, free education to the University level and health care.

I have my apartment set up like I did when I lived in the USA.