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The state defines marital property as including: The following chart and links will provide you with information about Ohio marital property laws, with links to related resources.

See Find Law's Divorce and Property section, including Divorce and Property Division FAQ and Inheritance and Divorce to learn more.

If you are going through a divorce in Ohio and need assistance with property division issues, then you should get more information from someone who knows the law.

If your ex hears about your new partner from your children, or just happens to see you in public, it may create feelings of mistrust and betrayal which can make your divorce proceedings far more awkward and difficult.

Instead, it may be best to have an open conversation with your spouse about your new relationship.

While everyone has different mechanisms for coping with divorce, most people need some time between ending their previous relationship and building a new one.

If you start a new relationship too quickly, you may be setting the groundwork for a second divorce.

Explain to your new partner that you just want your divorce to be as clean and drama-free as possible, and that you’d like to slow things down a bit until the storm has passed.

Telling your spouse about your new relationship may be uncomfortable, and even a little scary, but it’s far better than them finding out on their own.

Instead, contact the experienced divorce lawyers at Babbitt & Dahlberg.

We’ll use our combined 60 years of experience to give you our best advice, help you talk to your spouse, and work with you to figure out what’s best for your children during this difficult time in your life.

Unlike in some other other states, Ohio does not require that couples obtain a legal separation before getting a divorce.

However, legal separation is an option if neither party desires to remarry.

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