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It took me over 10 minutes to cum inside the wanton minx, while her operating staff clapped and made comments.

However, as Cyndi lay on her back, gasping for breath, the cum leaking from her ravaged pussy, her African-American lesbian make-up artist commented acidly: "Girlfriend, is this the guy you cheated on at the beach, over 3 dozen times?

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Men you had unprotected sex with and swallowed their cum, while denying your swallowing to him.The guy you laughed at privately, as you cleaned your fucker's leaving out of your cheating cunt. I want his hands, lips, thrusting body and his cock, deep inside me, day and night." She added, tears exhausted, "I can't sleep much unless I have him near." The black girl continued, saying, "OK, you formerly-stupid little white chick, you've got him. He's yours, just as long as you're a real, honest, no-lying, no-punishing slut to him." "But you just remember.The guy you said was so submissive he'd have to let you dole out a few crumbs of sex now and then, while you fucked and fucked with strangers? Bart got into the discussion, adding his knowledge of acoustics, sound reflections, echoes and blanketing, detailing the need to transition to Bluetooth wireless microphones.The one you could fuck around on, have an orgy in front of him and still expect to have an intact marriage? We wound up sketching designs for a way to 'fly' Richard in the air, to shoot scenes from above and have robotic lights on tracks that would shine in every conceivable position in three dimensions, operated by Bart's voice control.A professional clean-up crew fixed the place up and a hurried shopping trip partly furnished the place.

I had plenty of money to support her, because of my near-total lack of social life, back before I was 'forced' to take on a personal, private slut.

" Cyndi wailed and cried as she nodded again and again. We talked about Cyndi's terror of being tied up and doing bondage scenes.

The black girl went on, relentless, and asked, "Is this the guy you abandoned to let yourself be blackmailed into having porn sex with his former friends, while you supported them on your back, on your knees and in your cheating cunt, Ms. " Cyndi wailed out loud in shame and guilt, but nodded 'yes' again. We brainstormed, talked about and started designing a pentagon 'star,' encircled in a hoop, where a woman could be cuffed in place.

There, in Sindi's Place porn studio, with her staff kind-of watching out for her, the stage-named 'Sindi Suxgoode' stripped naked and took me.

She took me in her mouth and sucked me to orgasm, swallowing every squirt of cum. She re-sucked me to full erection, then wrapped her long legs around me and literally vacuumed my manhood into her oh-so-willing body.

I've come to think that, in this era of independent women, having a slut to protect, provide for, problem-solve with and produce for might be a whole lot better than traditional marriage.