T a b o o chat Liquidating of jewish ghettos

Schindler removes a pad from his pocket and begins to take down the man's name when a young officer approaches.He tells Schindler that the list is always correct, and Stern must not be an essential worker.

The Germans razed the city to the ground, rounding up more than 150,000 Poles and sending them to forced labour camps.

The Soviet army liberated Warsaw on 17 January 1945.

The Polish uprising In August the non-Jewish citizens of Warsaw rose up against the Germans in what is now known as the Polish uprising.

The Soviet Army was a short distance away, but did not come to the aid of the Poles.

They can ask them to work on Sundays and extra hours without paying them for overtime. Jewish and Polish workers are not to receive any pay for days of enforced idleness due to shortage of raw materials, or transportation difficulties, or breakdowns in the plants where they are working. In case of sickness, no wages are to be paid to Jewish and Polish workers.

The new instructions also provide that when a Jewish worker meets with an accident during work, the Nazi employer is no longer obliged to pay him any wages.One looks back at the camera and describes the different ghettos as the car passes them.The shot suddenly cuts to Amon Goeth, who is sitting in the backseat of the car blowing his nose.Despite the city being razed to the ground, 300 Jews were found hiding in remains of the Polish part of the city.On 8 May the Nazis discovered the ZOB leaders in their bunker.Schindler also takes down the officer's name before telling the two men that he can guarantee that they will both be in southern Russia by the end of the month.