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If the sale occurs less than one year after the purchase date, your profit is subject to the ordinary income tax rate, which may be greater than the capital gains tax rate.

If you sell the share at a loss, that loss can offset any capital gain you earned from the sale of another investment.

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When you look at your stock portfolio, make note of the number of shares you own of each company's stock and their current value.If you own a large number of shares or if the share value has appreciated significantly, you should work with a stockbroker to liquidate your portfolio for a number of reasons.Directors have responsibilities to their company and shareholders, and under the Companies Act 1993.You must register all your directors with the Companies Office and they must sign a consent form.​ Find out about filing an annual return — the information you need to update, how to change your filing month or request a time extension — and what happens if you don't file your annual return by the due date.Liquidation takes effect immediately, and liquidated companies are closed down, and removed from the Companies Register.

Further information about the effects of liquidation on a company can be found on the New Zealand Insolvency and Trustee Service website.Find out how New Zealand law affects the directors and shareholders of your company, and your responsibility to create and maintain accurate company records, report to us and file financial statements.Before they can carry out some business activities, companies incorporated in other countries, including Australia, must register with the Companies Office and then keep their company details up to date.The liquidator takes control of, and freezes all of, your company's unsecured assets which are then sold to repay your creditors and shareholders.If necessary the liquidator holds a creditors' meeting to: At the end of the liquidation process, the liquidator must prepare and file with us a final report on the activities and outcome of the liquidation.You need to comply with New Zealand laws when you incorporate your company with the Companies Office, including reserving a company name, appointing directors, issuing shares and registering for tax.