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High Selling Hereford Heifer Calves ,600 - Lot 13 - TANGA PURE GOLD 106E Buyer: MJT Cattle Co - Wainright, AB Sire: FE 267W GOLD RUSH 196Z SOD: HPH 145R AVATAR 5U Consigner: Tanga Herefords ,400 - Lot 21 - K-COW NATASHA 59E Buyer: Dunsmore Family Farm Sire: K-COW BRIER 280B SOD: K-COW JAKE 291U Consigner: K-Cow Ranch ,250 - Lot 17 - HZ 4B ALICE 6E Buyer: Lair Ranching Sire: EHF 46E BRITISHER LAD ET 4B SOD: HZ 4S STD LAD 20U Consigner: H Z Herefords ,000 - Lot 27 - LO 931A STD LASS 30E Buyer: MN Herefords - Aridrie, AB Sire: MN 516Y ASTER BRIT 931A SOD: FE 29S ASTER LAD 166W Consigner: L-O Horned Herefords High Selling Long Yearling Bulls ,250 - Lot 5D - GEMSTONE U336 LAD 5D Buyer: Thurston Sire: EDISTO 810 EXCEL PLATO U336 ET SOD: F-R 8020 LAD 33H ,500 - Lot 47D - GEMSTONE U336 LAD 47D Buyer: 98 Ranch Sire: EDISTO 810 EXCEL PLATO U336 ET SOD: AD 33H STANDARD LAD 135R ,000 - Lot 70D - GEMSTONE 57X LAD 70D Buyer: Terril Pierson - Wardlow, AB Sire: KGA 131P LAD 57X SOD: F-R 8020 LAD 33H High Selling Hereford Cow ,500 - Lot 48 - WINDIMUIR CARLEE 100B Buyer: Garrett Ranch Ltd.

- Landis, Sk Sire: MN 6S SILVER ASTER 441Y SOD: SGC 787 STANDARD LAD 101L High Selling Hereford Bred Heifer ,200 - Lot 70 - WINDIMUIR SOLITAIRE 85D Buyer: EZ Ranching - Turtleford, SK Sire: SH 33U FRONTLINE 312A ET SOD: FE 8T RED RIBSTONE 18Y High Selling Hereford Heifer Calf ,100 - Lot 20A - WINDIMUIR CARLEE 26E Buyer: Wildbear Herefords Sire: WINDIMUIR 42X EXACT 160A SOD: WINDIMUIR 28P MESA 215U High Selling Hereford Bull Calf ,600 - Lot 53A - WINDIMUIR 258B BRANT 27E Buyer: Bruce Geigle, Medicine Hat, AB Sire: BBSF 104W BRANDT 258B SOD: FE 144T EXTRA SILVER 278Y High Selling Hereford Herd Bull ,000 - Lot 1 - WINDIMUIR 42X EXACT 160A Buyer: Ulrich Hereford Ranch Sire: BRETON WEST 129S EXACT RIB 42X SOD: DBHR 68J EXTRA 149N High Selling Horned Hereford Bulls ,500 - Lot 42 - FA 10A BRITISHER 84D Buyer: Ayrey Herefords - SK Sire: JEN SILVER BRIT 10A SOD: FA 105T BRITISHER 236Y ,250 - Lot 45 - FA SUNSHINE BRITISHER 99D Buyer: Evergreen Farms - St.

Cow ,250 – Lot 16 – RVP 122L DESCENDANT 2D sired by REMITALL ONLINE 122L sold to Glenview, PA, USA Bred Heifer ,750 – Lot 55 – RVP 0220 QUEEN DEE-DEE 41D sired by BOYD MASTERPIECE 0220 sold to Remitall West - Olds, AB Mature Bull 00 – Lot 1 – RVP 10Y DIVIDEND 33D sired by NJW 73S W18 HOMETOWN 10Y ET sold to Robert Truthwaite High Selling Herefords ,900 – Lot 16 – AXA P606 705X NELLIE 506C Buyer: Young's Polled Herefords and Chris Lafave Heifer Calf ,000 – Lot 20 - GF 106A REESE 204E Buyer: Medonte Polled Herefords Bred Yearling ,900 – Lot 1 - AXA 200Z MARSHA 106D Buyer: Paul Withers Two Year Olds & Calf ,100 – Lot 6 & 6A- AXA 704X TINA 112 C with heifer calf AXA YPH 703C TINA 201E Buyer: Dorbay Polled Herefords; B&L Hunter ,900 – Lot 23 & 23A– BENA 10Y ROBIN 6C with heifer calf HMF ROBIN 11E Buyer: Adam Dales and Dandee Herefords, Diane Leblanc; BNC Polled Herefords Williams Lake, BC Auctioneer - Larry Jordan, Wilf Smith, Wayne Jordan, Wayne Pincott, Ken Threlkeld Judge: Mike Altwasser Grand Champion ,200 Lot 116 LFH MVP 53C Buyer: Fred Bowers - Kamloops, BC Sire: GH 8052 MVP 67Y SOD: LCI 157K RIBSTONE 107R Consignor: Little Fort Herefords, Little Fort, BC Reserve Grand Champion ,500 Lot 147 DEANFIELD 25U ASTER LAD 52C Buyer: Springfield Ranch, Williams Lake, BC Sire: LO 931N ASTER LAD 25U SOD: DEANFIELD 18K STANDARD 18P Consignor: Deanfield Ranch, Kamloops, BC High Selling Hereford Bulls ,000 Lot 145 DEANFIELD 25U ASTER LAD 29C Buyer: Ardills Ranch - Fort St.

High Selling Hereford Bred Heifers ,000 - Lot 16 - BP 10B MISS CAL 96D Buyer: Blair Athol - Arcoka, SK and Rea Mahaffy - St.

Mary's, ON Sire: HILLS-GALORE 36T 605 EASY 10B SOD: ANCHOR 44U Consigner: Bar Pipe Hereford Ranch ,000 - Lot 9 - MW MISS VOLT 26D Buyer: Misty Valley Farm - Maidstone, SK Sire: MW VOLTAGE LAD 22A SOD: LBH 102T SUPER RIB 335X Consigner: Wyatt Farms ,000 - Lot 15 - NGC 17Y MISS STANMORE 71D Buyer: Little Poplar Grove Herefords - Forestburg, AB Sire: CGC 99R YELLOWSTONE 17Y SOD: BR 52U STANDARD 181X Consigner: Church Ranch ,000 - Lot 24 - LBH 2042 MISS SENSATION 204D Buyer: Tanga Herefords - Millet, AB Sire: UU SENSATION 2042 SOD: LBH 157K RIBSTONE 40W Consigner: Lilybrook Herefords Inc.

- Iron River, AB Sire: DAKITCH 98W FRANCHISE 125A SOD: HF 4L BEYOND 36N ,500 Lot H107C K-COW CONQUEST 107C Buyer: Nicolas & Alexander Wasylik - Vermilion, AB Sire: DAKITCH 98W FRANCHISE 125A SOD: DXB 35M TOURQUE 26T High Selling Hereford Two Year Old Bulls ,000 Lot 20 TRIPLE A 1229 DAKOTA 1C Buyer: Hickory Corner Farms - Briercrest, SK Sire: ECR 9022 DAKOTA 1229 SOD: CL 1 DOMINO 9121W 1ET ,000 Lot 32 TRIPLE A 028X CANYON 3C Buyer: Mark and Bobie Dean - Central Butte, SK Sire: CHURCHILL SENSATION 028X SOD: ECR 9022 DAKOTA 1229 High Selling Hereford Yearling Bulls ,000 Lot 8 - ½ Interest, Full Possession - TRIPLE A 47R DINO ET 112D Buyer: Lloyd Clarke - Spy Hill, SK Sire: PDHR 20J STANMORE 47R SOD: TRIPLE A 87J MAXIMUS 4M ,250 Lot 1 TRIPLE A 11D DUKE ET 18D Buyer: Wilson Brothers & Sons - Mc Cord, SK Sire: TRIPLE A 2059 BAM BAM ET 11B SOD: DUNROBIN LEGACY 8N High Selling Hereford bulls ,000 Lot 64D DONORAH 4Y DOMINO LAD 61D Buyer: Scott White of White Farms - Shaunavon, SK Sire: DONORAH 631 STANDARD LAD 4Y SOD: DON 3G DANDY LAD 9N ,000 Lot 99D DONORAH 8B SUPER LAD 99D Buyer: Hickory Corner Farms - Briercrest, SK Sire: DONORAH 77J SUPER LAD ET 8B SOD: CL 1 DOMINO 929W ,000 Lot 81D DONORAH 203A KING LUX 81D Buyer: Glass Farms - Chaplin, SK Sire: NJW PMH 66X 156T LUX 203A ET SOD: DON 10N MARK LAD 18R High Selling Hereford Replacement Heifer ,500 Lot 11D DONORAH 1A FRASER LASS 11D Buyer: Scott White of White Farms - Shaunavon, SK Sire: DW STANDARD 45Y LAD 1A SOD: DON 0192 DOMINO LAD 16Z High Selling Hereford bulls ,000 Lot 8 LEVELDALE CLASSIFIED 52B 2D Buyer: Bill Lyons - St.

Thomas, Ont Sire: MCCOY 5Z CLASSIFIED 53B SOD: PCL Y NOT ME R117 ET 1Y ,500 Lot 2 LCC BANKER 101B 23D Buyer: Doug & Marlene Lyon - Roblin, MB Sire: HWCW 2Z BANKER 101B SOD: LEVELDALE YOUNG GUN 829T 32Y ,100 Lot 14 LEVELDALE VICTOR 719T 24D Buyer: Lynn Madsen - Redvers, SK Sire: TH 122 711 VICTOR 719T SOD: HAROLDSON'S RELOAD 80P 65T High Selling Hereford bulls ,500 Lot 21 DW BRITISHER 201Y LAD 68C Buyer: Alvin Sandum - Hussar, AB Sire: FA 31W BRITISHER 201Y SOD: CC 7Z LAREDO 182E ,500 Lot 20 DW STANDARD 58Y LAD 67C Buyer: CO Johnson & Sons - Scandia, AB Sire: DW STANDARD 268P LAD 58Y SOD: CH 64H NAVAHO 8N ,500 Lot 7 DW STANDARD 1A LAD 24C Buyer: Chimney Hills Ranching Sire: DW STANDARD 45Y LAD 1A SOD: LBH 268P STANDARD 195U High Selling Bulls Lot 8 - ANL 2447 Game Changer 58W 41D sired by H BK CCC SR Game Changer ET was purchased by Steven Manns, Austin, MB for ,200.00.

- Mannville, AB Sire: CHSF 16R JASON 10Z SOD: SS-TOPLINE XQUISITE COLD 66S Consignor: SS Cattle Company Inc.

- Irma, AB Grand Champion Polled Pen of 1 Yearling Bull - Triple H Farm Ltd.- Middle Lake, SK Grand Champion Polled Pen of 2 Yearling Bull - Shelly & James Kudera - Wildwood, AB Grand Champion Polled Pen of 1 Two Year Old Bull - SS Cattle Company Inc.- Irma, AB Grand Champion Polled Pen of 2 Two Year Old Bull - Shelly & James Kudera - Wildwood, AB Grand Champion Polled Pen of 3 Two Year Old Bull - Sampson's Thunderbird Ranch Ltd.Wet Witch – Mega Pack (MDH)Mydirtyhobby is the world’s biggest community for private erotica made at home.Savina32 – Mega Pack (MDH)Mydirtyhobby is the world’s biggest community for private erotica made at home.Breaking Asses – Site Rip Anal fans are likely to fall head over heels for a site called Breaking Asses.