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Last month, thousands braved a downpour to see them perform (bundled up in raincoats) at Oxegen's wind-whipped main stage; and in a few weeks they will open for Coldplay at the Phoenix Park.Without the Mercury, they might still be hawking their anthemic music around the unglamorous end of the club circuit.I have got to ponder this deeper, but not this day, I have work to do!!

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Man, my cells not only took me seriously, they made sure I couldn’t change my mind. I suppose I should be grateful for getting my blog out lol. A massive amount of cells all working together to keep the physical body functioning, not so much in the way you and I may want it to function, but in the way it needs to function to make sure we do not lose our awareness of the bigger picture.

I may not have done a damn thing in my physical world, but man oh man, the bursts of understandings that were coming thru (for two days) made it all worth while. Which really brought me to pondering the “light body.” I seen my cells all gang up on me (well, the mental part of me.) A coup d’etat in its own right!

Or, for that matter, how many of the judges had even heard of him.

By Laura Harding, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent Rapper Jay-Z walks down the aisle of a church with daughter Blue Ivy while his wife Beyonce dances in the pulpit in the video for his new single Family Feud.

In a subsequent statement, Rice announced their relationship "had run its creative course". Looking back with some healthy hindsight, I can say it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

"Straight away, though, I threw myself into my own work. It forced me to move on, to develop as an artist." Before she cracks open another bottle of champagne, Hannigan might reflect on the fact that not every Mercury nominee goes onto greater things.

Releasing the way we had been programmed to look at life, to experience life, even the expectations piled on us with life itself.

Every time we looked into the depths of our own darkness and turned on the light of awareness, a cell (or many) in the body of Light fired, turned on forever.

Regan and Hayes were, similarly, in the tradition of misty-eyed Celtic strummers -- and in hindsight, neither really had a realistic chance of winning.

You've got to wonder how close this year's Choice music prize winner Jape, whose music flies in the face of mystical Irish stereotypes, came to receiving a Mercury nomination.

Label-less and increasingly seen as an artist whose moment has passed, it's questionable how much of a commercial future she has.