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’ that was connected with her inability to meet the queen at that time.

Rawcliffe speculated that Cecily had taken some time to recover from the ‘ordeal’ of Richard’s birth the previous year.

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Thomas More's murder account The Princes in the Tower were the two sons of King Edward IV of England.

The elder of the two succeeded to the throne as Edward V on the death of his father in April 1483.

Some six weeks later, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, uncle of the two boys, proclaimed himself king as Richard III.

His nephews were at that time living in the royal apartments in the Tower of London where they were seen sporadically until about mid-July 1483. Their fate was a mystery at the time and has been ever since.

This would at least enable us to know whether we were talking about late medieval bones or Roman bones, for example.

It is likely that in the future even more accurate dating will be possible.According to Rous, Richard remained in the womb for two years, emerging with teeth and hair to his shoulders. It is for truth reported that the duchess his mother had so much ado in her travail, that she could not be delivered of him uncut: and that he came into the world with the feet forward … Credit: The British Library In the middle ages it was not permitted to cut a child from their mother’s womb unless the mother was already dead because Caesarian section was expected to be fatal.It is not wholly impossible that the ‘cut’ actually referred to an episiotomy but there is scant evidence for this practice in the middle ages.This also seemed to reinforce the earlier stories of a difficult birth.However, Cecily mentioned meeting Margaret earlier in 1453. It is unlikely that sickness that developed between the spring and summer of 1453 could be attributed to a birth the previous October.The few facts that are known do not, however, support the traditional story, which was that they had been smothered by James Tyrell, Master of the Horse to Richard III, with the help of two men, Miles Forest and John Dighton.