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The exterminator tries to get rid of the mouse, but the mouse proves too smart for him, so Tommy, Shawn, Cole, and Martin take it into their own hands.Stan decides to hire Monica (Kim Fields), a new female co-host for Martin's show to boost the station's ratings.Cole was supposed to play Santa Claus for the Big Brother Christmas party, but an emergency at the airport held him up.

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But there’s a catch: Martin has to agree to go to a dinner with her that night.At work, Martin realizes it is his anniversary and he forgot to get Gina a present.Billy Dee Williams guest stars on Martin's radio show and convinces him that he'd be foolish to lose Gina.Martin barges in on Gina while she's with another man, and tries to win her back.Shawn suggests something practical, like jars, and Stan says get her "the gift that keeps on giving", scanty lingerie.

Martin says to both Stan and Shawn a true gift comes from the heart.

However, at home when Gina gives Martin a nice gift, he rushes out to a lingerie store before quitting time.

Martin has doubts, until he sees something that may be of value based on Gina's earlier recollections.

When Martin finds out that Gina makes more money than he does, he becomes irate and has major ego problems once the entire city finds out.

Now he has to prove to the whole city that he is really the "man" in the relationship.

Thinking it’s a robber, she sends Martin to investigate and finds out it’s a mouse.