Intimidating things to say during a fight

We call is the Psychological Warfare of Intimidation.

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If you say to me that children should be exposed to parental fighting because that is real life, then I say to you that our children are exposed to enough pain and challenges in this world of ours.

Hostility between parents should not be exposed to your children.

After all, people are attracted to confident individuals, especially those with a sense of humour.

Now with that said, let’s look at one other important factor that many people aren’t aware of.

She is just a little girl but she has seen too much.

A 10 year old asked if she could speak with me privately.

They live with negativity and inappropriate ways of dealing with marital discord.

Kids wish that their home would be a happy home, one without yelling, arguing, or emotional withdrawals.

But when we lack the right tools to communicate properly, disagreements and conflicts can make married life miserable.

Judaism describes our homes as a ‘mikdash me’at,' a miniature sanctuary.

Your response doesn’t always have to resort to violence.