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There is little doubt about how useful the Internet can be.

Schoolchildren [PAGE 2] can receive help with homework, investors can keep track of stocks, sports scores and statistics are just a click away for fans.

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It allegedly opens the world to everyone, regardless of race, creed, sex, etc. Many people confuse the Internet with the Web, thinking they are the same thing.But despite lowering costs of necessary technological equipment and the advent of Web TV, not everyone can afford to go online. Most major online services and internet providers shoot users straight to the web, so the confusion is somewhat justified.Newspapers and other print media have yet to take full advantage of the Internet.Their online publications usually appear as carbon copies of their printed publications.A big problem with Email is junk mail or Spam that inundates internet users' mailboxes.

These useless messages usually try to entice the unwary person into investing in some form or fashion in a "get-rich-quick" scheme.

There is no need to purchase bulk paper and ink, which in itself makes publishing on the Internet more attractive.

Moreover, not as many hired hands are required to publish online.

Technology can't bear the blame or accept the laurels. However, it is the people that use and apply the technology to their projects that are at fault and make the mistakes, NOT technology.

It must be recognized that information technologies are not changing what we do. " This is the thrust of a paper published

There is no interactivity between the reader and the source.