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It's water based so it cleans up easily with water, but the enamel formula gives it a harder finish like an oil based paint.

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Lisa, who sells upcycled furniture and writes for the blog Createinspire, no longer had a use for that sort of pieceā€”but she did have an idea about how to transform the dresser into a seat.

The finished piece looks completely different from the original.

Here, she made a quirky dog bed by adding four footstool legs to an oak-front drawer.

See more photos of the finished piece for inspiration: Upcycled Pet Bed Myra, of the blog My Blessed Life, bought this old dresser from a Re Store for her son's bedroom.

Once I finished sanding down the wood filler, I lightly scuffed up the entire surface area with some super fine grit sandpaper and then wiped down all the surfaces again, making sure they were free from dust.

I used a waterbased acrylic alkyd enamel (called the Pro Classic if you get it from Sherwin Williams).But it was the right size and shape for a dining room buffet, so she updated it with gray chalk-finish paint and used it as a buffet instead.Find more details about how she did it: Thrifted Dresser Turned Buffet Makeover To corral accessories needed by her two dogs, Kaylor, the writer behind the blog Fisherman's Wife Furniture, turned an old wood cabinet into a dog-food station.Re-create the idea with her how-to: Bookshelf From a Drawer?!Pamela, of the blog From My Front Porch to Yours, bought this vintage dresser to serve as a laundry-room folding station. After a few years, she converted it again, this time taking out the bottom drawers and painting it off-white.See how she did it: DIY Painted Serving Bar: The Big Reveal It was difficult for Natalie, of the blog North Shore Days, to imagine creating anything worthwhile with the bright-pink, foul-smelling eyesore of a cabinet she picked up from an online auction site. She gave it a thorough cleaning, stripped and repainted it. See the before-and-after photos: Kitchen Cupboard Makeover A must-have for a busy family is a place to drop keys and mail in the entryway.