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Generally speaking, this is the approach taken by the aforementioned Java Script and web application frameworks.To be clear, we’re not necessarily talking about something that is built, packaged, and released to the public.

We settled on a 16-unit grid, which is flexible enough that we should be able to use it on every one of our properties’ sites, even though every site looks and feels quite a bit different from the next.Also, most sites share common widgets, like drop-down menus, navigation tabs, buttons, etc.Yahoo has done this, with their framework at the Journal-World, we looked at Yahoo’s implementation first.We decided it wasn’t quite what we wanted, but it served as a nice functional example and gave us lots of ideas on how to construct our own.Is the listing will automatically re-activate once a seller add a quantity?

or they have to re-activate it manually of using a template? How can a seller re-activate the listing after the closed it?

These are prime candidates for abstraction, as well.

Beyond that, you may have common content display idioms, such as a list of photos that appear as thumbnails.

Many web designers find themselves using the same basic grid structure over and over again.

Why not move it into its own stylesheet and structure it in a way that is flexible enough to be used on multiple sites?

For example, I work for a newspaper company, and all of the 20 sites in our stable have a lot in common.