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Every time the show airs, MTV promotes a website called Stay that “encourage[s] you to enjoy your teen years and avoid the responsibilities that come with too-early pregnancy and parenting.” The site provides information about birth control, STDs and dating abuse. “Only 40 percent of teenage mothers ever graduate high school; two-thirds of families begun by an unmarried teen mother are poor. It shows how cool teen pregnancy is with a new reality series,” one review of the show by the Media Research Center, which offers a guide for appropriate television to parents, reads.

And the fact that many of the show’s stars become celebrities in their own right — gracing the cover of People magazine — doesn’t hurt the impression that having a child while in high school is one way to get attention.

Amanda Ireland, who graduated from Gloucester High in 2008 after giving birth her freshman year of high school, said at the time of her schoolmate’s pregnancy pact, “They’re so excited to finally have someone to love them unconditionally.

And just the existence of the show can normalize teen pregnancy. The teen mom scenario highlights the difficulties researchers face when trying to measure how (and whether) media actually influences behavior.For years, researchers have been trying to draw a connection between violent video games and violent behavior. Similarly, researchers are struggling to determine how reality TV shows like The study suggesting a link between the show and a drop in pregnancy rates, conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, found that the rate of teenage pregnancy declined faster in areas where teenagers were watching more MTV programming. Loveisrespect Text for Help Services, sponsored by Mary Kay Inc.But what if the person you care about is the one who is being abusive toward their partner? This can be such a difficult situation to deal with.Yes, there are always the horror stories like the 2008 Gloucester High School pregnancy pact in which 17 girls agreed to get pregnant together.

(This was before for romanticizing pregnancy.) But such purposeful pregnancies have much deeper roots than seeing a movie or a TV show.follows the lives of the same teens after the baby showers are over and the reality of life with a baby sets in.A typical episode of the show follows the new moms a they fight with the fathers of their children (many of whom have now left them), fight with their parents (who are usually supporting them), struggle financially, struggle to finish their degree and watch their friends enjoy prom and college without them.Rates dropped nine percent from 2009 to 2010 alone, reaching a historic low of 34.3 births per 1000 women aged 15-19.Considering that Monday and conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, asserts that the popular show reduced teen births by nearly six percent just in 2010.If you have been the victim of teen dating violence - or you know someone who has been hurt by teen dating violence - you may not know where to turn for help.