Horrible internet dating experiences

“But you know, not all Nazis were bad.”“Yeah, some of them deserted and some were dead, that’s as good as it gets.” I replied, still shocked.“No I mean like, you know the Angel of Death? ”I swear for the life of me I couldn’t be more shook.“He did awful things yeah… I hadn’t known this guy for more than 30 minutes and yet I was already filled with so much raw hatred towards him I could barely say a word.but he also helped a ton of people because he really helped the medicine community”What. I really couldn’t hear anything else so I texted a friend begging her to call me so I could pretend I had something scheduled and ditch him, sadly it took another 5 minutes for my friend to see the text.“You’re not possibly going to defend Salazar too, right?

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Later he would send me a few messages and I completely Ignored him because I just had ran out of energy. I figured I might as well share with you guys my latest dating experience.At this point I’m really beginning to question if I’m cursed.Even though I was there early and in the right place I get a call explaining that I’m actually at the wrong spot.Being a gentleman, of course, I walked my way to the “right” spot where I met with him.I decided to learn Arab because I like niches very much.”After many, much self-indulgence he said “We’ve been no this date for hours but I haven’t learned anything about you…” NO SHIT MATE, I can’t even gasp for air without you telling me how amazing you are at breathing.

Honestly even writing this I still feel pissed off because this guy was so hopelessly annoying and egoistical, It was one of those dates that made me feel like pummeling the guy’s face with punches and never look back.We went for a little walk and I ask him about his plans for life, being in highschool at 20 and all (which is no reason to be ashamed, of course).He informs me he wants to work in a chemical laboratory.We went on a date, I told him I don’t like to walk during dates, I’d much prefer sitting down and drink coffee, he told me he liked the exact opposite.I agreed with him that we would do both so none would be unhappy. Let’s go to downtown”So we walked, and walked and walked.I figured that was interesting, maybe he wanted to create pills and vaccines, or maybe he wanted to work in disease control, something, you know, altruistic.“You see… I want to create a biochemical weapon.”My jaw nearly fell off.