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I would say make most of every minute you have and do it without stress.

Homemaking is in reality the most important work in the world and you justify the important work with the efforts you put in.

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While growing up, I always saw my mom running around the house with hundreds of tasks each day and I asked her one question every time “How do you manage all this so efficiently?

” She always answered this question with a big smile saying, “It’s easy and you learn it with time.” I understand this now as I am married and have to manage all the house chores and office work.

She is married for 4 years now and before marriage she worked as a teacher for Pre-primary school.

When I asked her what she is doing currently she said, I am JUST a housewife now.

Now I can relate to the situation and trust me when I say, it is Not an Easy Job.

I recently met a very beautiful lady at a dinner party through a friend and we got chatty.

In this age, women face endless challenges every day.

One major reason for this is the concept of nuclear families. In this process of managing the house, children, husband and social life, a women forgets to spend quality ‘Me Time’.

You can also download Planner formats and make your own.

It generally happens that we cannot track where time flies.

To avoid this mess make a monthly and weekly task list more like a Planner.