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While skateboarding, he and some friends spotted an abandoned, broken-down farm house nearby and decided to go exploring.

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Taking some souvenirs of junk they found in the vacant house — things worth no more than a few dollars — they were putting them in the boy’s vehicle when the Sheriff arrived.

Long story short, the boy was arrested and charged with felony burglary of a building. Make them right the wrong, including confessing to whomever was wronged from the dishonesty, cheating or theft. Enforce appropriate consequences and make sure they know that you will be on the lookout for any form of dishonesty in the future.

Teens hope to get something out of everything they do.

Some will cheat or lie to feel esteemed or to appear perfect at any cost.

And as far as stealing, kids steal things because they feel entitled to own them, or for the thrill of getting away with it, or just to fit in with their peers.

Let’s not overlook the way our culture glorifies all forms of dishonesty.It’s difficult for one to think of an unimpeachably honest public figure today.Every day we hear of politicians, business leaders, sports figures, police, teachers and judges — people whom we once looked up to as role models — who have been caught in a lie or a cheat or a theft of some kind.It won’t usually go away with the mere passage of time.It will reappear at significant stress points later in your child’s life—when they go off to college, get a job, or get married.And consider the explosion in popularity of so-called “reality” TV shows, whose plot and strategy are usually based on deception and lying in order to gain a monetary prize or fame.